Best 10 cars in India (2023)

As we all know that day by day automobiles market are increased and most of the people focus on entering in the market of cars and joining in the car market is their primary choice. There are many brands which we know that are belongs from international market but now most of them car manufactures try to make car in India and try to promote their brand in India.

Which one is best launches in 2023

There are so many car launches in year 2023 with their innovative and advanced technology. Some Companies just like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Mahindra, BMW, Tata, Mahindra etc. launches their new models with upgrading their technology.

Which one is right one for us:

Still so many people confused in car buying process. This blog helps you to finds the right car according to your needs. Some best models of 2023 are :

  1. 1. Mahindra XUV700
  2. 2. Tata Nexon
  3. 3. Mahindra Scorpio
  4. 4. Mahindra Thar
  5. 5. Mahindra Brezza
  6. 6. Volkswagen Virtus
  7. 7. Tata Tiago
  8. 8. Tata Harrier
  9. 9. Hyundai Verna
  10. 10. Maruti Suzuki Jimny

Lets help you to find right car for you.

  1. 1. Mahindra XUV700 : In upper blog we were talked about made cars in India and Mahindra XUV700 continues their grip in the car market. Based on a brand monocoque platform this model is 80% stiffer than XUV500. New Mahindra XUV700 is offered with a premium and upmarket cabin with extensive features list.

    Key Specifications are:

    Mahindra XUV700

    Engine2.0L TGDi Petrol, 2.2L CRDi Diesel
    Maximum Power197 bhp (Petrol), 152 bhp (Diesel), 182 bhp (Diesel)
    Peak Torque380 Nm (Petrol), 360 Nm (Diesel), 420 Nm (Diesel MT), 450 Nm (Diesel AT)
    Transmission6-Speed Manual, 6-Speed Automatic
    Fuel EfficiencyNot Available
    Fuel Tank60L

    What's GoodWhat's Bad
    Feature rich and premium cabinLess boot space and small seat area in last row.
    Strong road presenceAfter sales support may be hit or mess.
    Power packed performancePoor fuel economy

  2. 2. Tata Nexon : Tata Nexon is also one of the few cars in market that scores perfects and ratings. Nexon is also known for its quality and safety equipment list. Tata Nexon offers both type of fuels options- 2L Revotron turbo petrol and 1.5L Revotorq diesel. While the petrol engine delivers a peak power and torque output of 118 bhp and 170 Nm respectively, the diesel on the other hand boasts a maximum power output of 113 bhp and 260 Nm of maximum torque. Both these engines are offered with either a 5-speed manual or an AMT gearbox.

    Key Specifications are:

    Tata Nexon

    Engine1.2 L turbo Revotron, 1.5 L turbo Revotron Diesel
    Maximum Power118bhp, 113 bhp
    Peak Torque170nm, 260nm
    Transmission5- speed manual, 5- speed AMT
    Fuel Efficiency17.33 km/l (P MT), 17.05 km/l (P AT); 23.22 km/l (D MT), 24.07 km/l D AT)
    Fuel Tank44L

    What's GoodWhat's Bad
    Powerful and fuel efficient optionsAMT is slow
    Comfortable CabinWork on finish levels.
    5 star safety ratingSome features are missing

  3. 3. Mahindra Scorpio : Mahindra Scorpio is one of the most popular names in Indian market on the launch of new Scorpio N in the market, the Indian SUV offers reliability and strong performance and this time it is more comfortable than before. SUV is made in India with dual fuel options, Diesel and Petrol. While petrol is only offered with a RWD drive train as standard, diesel is also offered with an AWD addition to standard RWD. SUV is offered both manual and auto gearboxes making it a great choice for anyone looking for capable car.

    Key Specifications are:

    Mahindra Scorpio

    Engine2.0 L TGDi Petrol, 2.2L CRDi Diesel
    Maximum Power200 bhp (petrol), 130 bhp(diesel),172 bhp (Diesel)
    Peak Torque370 Nm (P MT), 380 Nm (P AT), 300 Nm (D MT), 370 Nm (D MT), 400 Nm (D AT)
    Transmission6-Speed Manual, 6-Speed Automatic
    Fuel EfficiencyFuel Efficiency 14.44 km/l (D)
    Fuel Tank57L

    What's GoodWhat's Bad
    Muscular StylingPoor distribution
    Practical feature rich cabinNot great fuel economy
    Robust ladder on frame construction6-seater only available in top spec variant.

  4. 4. Mahindra Thar : The Mahindra thar, is the cheapest 4X4 SUV in the country and loved for its muscular styling that helps in command a strong road presence. Thar is offered a 150 bhp, 2.0L TGDI turbo petrol motor or a 130 bhp, 2.2L CRDi mHawk engine. Both engines are offered with a 4X4 drivetrain as standard and can be coupled with either a manual or an automatic gearbox.

    Key Specifications are:

    Mahindra Thar

    Engine2.0L TGDi Petrol, 1.5L CRDe Diesel, 2.2L CRDi Diesel
    Maximum Power150 bhp (Petrol), 117 bhp (Diesel), 130 bhp (Diesel)
    Peak Torque300 Nm (P MT), 320 Nm (P AT), 300 Nm (D)
    Transmission6-Speed Manual, 6-Speed Automatic
    Fuel Efficiency15.2 km/l (D)
    Fuel Tank57L

    What's GoodWhat's Bad
    Attractive PerformanceNo diesel options
    Elegant stylingInterior is not good
    ComfortableNot so great after sales support

  5. 5. Maruti Suzuki Brezza : The Maruti Suzuki Breeza is the is the most demanded in 2023 and offers a non-sense package for the buyers who looking reliable and feature rich car. The present generation of the breeza only gets a smart boxy styling and appreciated for its comfort features.

    Key Specifications are:

    Maruti Suzuki Breeza

    Engine1.5L K15 C
    Maximum Power101 bhp (petrol), 87 bhp (CNG)
    Peak Torque136 Nm (Petrol), 121 Nm (CNG)
    Transmission5-Speed MT, 6-Speed AT
    Fuel EfficiencyFuel Efficiency 17.38 km/l (P MT), 19.80 km/l (P AT), 25.51 km/kg (CNG)
    Fuel Tank48L (Petrol), 55L (CNG)

    What's GoodWhat's Bad
    Reliable and efficient optionsNo diesel options
    Dependable after sales supportAutomatic variants command
    Attractive exterior stylingSome features are missing

  6. 6. Volkswagen Virtus : The The Volkswagen Virtus not only boast powerful and refined engine options, the features are also elegant and timeless styling which is appreciate by some buyers. This is the first car who scores 5-star ratings.

    Key Specifications are:

    Volkswagen Virtus

    Engine1.0L TSI, 1.5L TSI
    Maximum Power114 bhp, 147 bhp
    Peak Torque178 Nm, 250 Nm
    Transmission6-Speed MT, 6-Speed AT, 7-Speed DSG
    Fuel Efficiency20.08 km/l (1L P MT), 18.45 km/l (1L P AT), 18.88 km/l (1.5L P MT), 19.62 km/l (1.5L P AT)
    Fuel Tank45L

    What's GoodWhat's Bad
    Reliable and efficient optionsNo diesel options
    Dependable after sales supportAutomatic variants command
    Attractive exterior stylingSome features are missing

  7. 7. Tata Tiago : The Tata Tiago is the cheapest tata car in India, the Tata Tiago comes in multiple features.

    Key Specifications are:

    Tata Tiago

    Engine1.2L Revotron
    Maximum Power1.2L Revotron
    Peak Torque113 Nm (Petrol), 95 Nm (CNG)
    Transmission5-Speed Manual, 5-Speed AMT
    Fuel Efficiency20.01 km/l (P MT), 19.43 km/l (P AT); 26.49 km/kg (CNG)
    Fuel Tank35L (Petrol), 60L (CNG)

    What's GoodWhat's Bad
    Excellent QualityJerky AMT gear box
    Comfortable cabinUnreliable sales support
    High speed Stability

  8. 8. Tata Harier : The Tata Harrier is one of the strongest opponents in Indian Market and bold for its styling and designing with features. Tata Harrier is the same 2.0L turbo diesel engine which we also get with other SUVs like the Hector and the Compass. This engine delivers 167 bhp and 350 Nm of maximum torque. The buyers can either opt for a 6-speed manual or a Hyundai-sourced 6-speed AT gearbox with this engine.

    Key Specifications are:

    Tata Harrier

    Engine2.0L Kryotec Turbo Diesel
    Maximum Power167 bhp
    Peak Torque350 Nm
    Transmission6-Speed MT, 6-Speed AT
    Fuel Efficiency16.35 km/l (D MT), 14.6 km/l (D AT)
    Fuel Tank50L

    What's GoodWhat's Bad
    Feature rich CabinOnly diesel
    Bold exterior qualityNot fit finish levels
    Good PerformanceLaggy infotainment screen

  9. 9. Hyundai Verna : Hyundai Verna always a featured rich and powerful and comfortable. This latest generation car gives the best setting experience, better power train options. the new Verna is now offered with an all-new 147 bhp, 1.5L TGDi turbo petrol engine in addition to the 1.5L naturally aspirated engine. Both these engines not only offer impressive performance but in addition to this are always loved for their smoothness and refinement levels. Needless to say, both manual as well as automatic gearbox options are on offer for buyers.

    Key Specifications are:

    Hyundai Verna

    Engine1.5L NA MPi Petrol, 1.5L TGDi Turbo Petrol
    Maximum Power113 bhp, 157 bhp
    Peak Torque143.8 Nm, 253 Nm
    Transmission6-Speed MT, IVT, 7-Speed DCT
    Fuel Efficiency18.60 km/l (P MT), 19.60 km/l (P IVT), 20 km/l (TGDI P MT), 20.60 km/l (TGDI P AT)
    Fuel Tank45L

    What's GoodWhat's Bad
    All Rounder productNo options of diesel
    Premium cabinPeople don’t like the cabins
    7 years extended warranty

  10. 10. Maruti Suzuki Jimmy : Maruti Suzuki Jimny made in India version of the SUV made its debut with the five-color layout. Jimny is always appreciated for its legendary off roading capabilities and robust mechanical setup which ensures you can take it anywhere without any issues. Maruti Suzuki jimny is only petrol offered car, this 1.5L K15B motor delivers a claimed power output of 103 bhp and 134 Nm of maximum torque. This motor is offered with either a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed AT gearbox.

    Key Specifications are:

    Maruti Suzuki Jimmy

    Engine1.5L K15B
    Maximum Power103 bhp
    Peak Torque134.2 Nm (Petrol)
    Transmission5-Speed MT, 6-Speed AT
    Fuel Efficiency16.94 km/l (P MT), 16.39 km/l (P AT)
    Fuel Tank40L

    What's GoodWhat's Bad
    Retro modern styling looks attractiveNot great performance
    Capable hardwareSpeed is slow
    Extensive features and safety equipmentSmall dimensions don’t give premier looks

There are so many cars launches in India in 2023 but only 10 cars ranked in top 10. There are so many cars made in India but most of the people is still confused which car is good for their family. The cars like the Harrier, XUV700, and Verna appeal to those looking for a premium package with an up-market cabin and powerful powertrain options. The newly introduced Mahindra Scorpio-N and the Maruti Jimny dominate their segments with robust, capable, and practical packages, thus enjoying strong demand. But most of the car made in India are comfortable cabins, the looks are also amazing. In all, most of these Indian-origin cars have come a long way and are dominating the global cars and practical package.